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Services we offer

Whether you've just taken the plunge to work for yourself, already have an established and growing business, represent a community organisation, or lead a charity committed to a worthwhile cause; we've got you covered.

Branding, Packaging & Graphic Design

We help small businesses, start-up ventures and not-for-profit organisations craft targeted messages at affordable prices. We start by getting to know you, the environment in which you operate and what sets you apart. We engage with you directly without third-party intermediaries like an overseas call centre. We don’t pay expensive rent in Sydney or Melbourne CBD (and make you come to an ivory tower office). Rather, we will talk to you when and where it’s most suitable for you.

Whether you need a new logo, to design packaging for a new product or are on a complete rebranding mission, we will work with you together to understand your vision and how it can be translated into the way that your brand, product or service is visually presented.

Branding, Packaging & Graphic Design Price List
Logo & Branding from 300
Business Card from 150
Brochures from 100
Postcards from 100
Label & Packaging from 300
Re-Branding from 750
Books & Publication from 300
Magazine from 100
Catalogue from 50
Shirt & Uniform from 150
Business Stationery from 50
Posters from 150
Branding, Packaging & Graphic Design Price List
Logo & Branding from 150
Business Card from 75
Brochures from 50
Postcards from 50
Label & Packaging from 150
Re-Branding from 375
Books & Publication from 150
Magazine from 150
Catalogue from 150
Shirt & Uniform from 50
Business Stationery from 25
Posters from 75
Branding, Packaging & Graphic Design Price List
Logo & Branding 200
Business Card from 100
Brochures from 66
Postcards from 66
Label & Packaging from 200
Re-Branding from 500
Books & Publication from 200
Magazine from 200
Catalogue from 200
Shirt & Uniform from 66
Business Stationery from 33
Posters from 100

Web Design & Development

Wild Yak is founded on the idea that quality web design shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Conversely, an ‘affordable’ website shouldn’t necessarily equate to a do-it-yourself-type of web-development platform. At Wild Yak, we provide high-quality and impactful websites, customised to your specific needs, at affordable prices.

For small businesses, we are experts at crafting commercially focused online stores that are designed specifically with your target market firmly in mind. A high-quality website is critical to developing trust and confidence in your business.

For not-for-profits, an impactful online presence not only helps to raise awareness about your cause, but also assist in day-to-day operations by, for e.g., providing a channel for the in-flow of donations, disseminating information to supporters and inviting new members or subscribers.

Web Design & Development Price List
Full Website from 1000
UX / UI from 750
Portofolio & Gallery from 1500
E-Commerce Website from 2000
One Page Website from 500
Booking System from 5000
Shopify from 2000
Wordpress from 750
Custom Built Websites from 5000
Web Design & Development Price List
Full Website from 500
UX / UI from 375
Portofolio & Gallery from 750
E-Commerce Website from 1000
One Page Website from 250
Booking System from 2500
Shopify from 1000
Wordpress from 375
Custom Built Websites from 2500
Web Design & Development Price List
Full Website from 666
UX / UI from 500
Portofolio & Gallery from 1000
E-Commerce Website from 1333
One Page Website from 333
Booking System from 3333
Shopify from 1333
Wordpress from 500
Custom Built Websites from 3333

Marketing & Advertisement

Developing brand awareness, building an online presence, and creating support and excitement around what you do are critical for start-ups, SMEs and not-for-profits. To this end, we can help you deliver your message, in a targeted manner, so that you get the response that you want from your audience.

Whether you need help with your newsletters, email direct marketing (EDM), social media management, signage or digital advertisement, we have the tools and expertise to be your partner in establishing an online presence to raise awareness for your project, products and/or organisation.

Marketing & Advertisement
EDM from 500
Image Cutout from 1 / image
Digital Ads from 50
Social Media Management from 500 / mth
Signage from 300
Copywriting various
Grammar & Spell Check various
Marketing & Advertisement
EDM from 250
Image Cutout from 50p
Digital Ads from 25
Social Media Management from 250/m
Signage from 150
Copywriting various
Grammar & Spell Check various
Marketing & Advertisement
EDM 333
Image Cutout from 75c
Digital Ads from 33
Social Media Management from 333/m
Signage from 200
Copywriting various
Grammar & Spell Check various

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